I'm Jessica, a 22 year old computer science major. Things I love: Game Grumps, video games, beards, and a few other things. I am easily amused and am most times a child. Hope you enjoy my blog!

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  • Arren H Pawk:

    i had a wonderful dream

  • Arren H Pawk:

    that a sexy lady was grinding all up on me

  • Arren H Pawk:

    and i grabbed her luscious ass and it just felt too good to be true

  • Arren H Pawk:

    and then i woke up and saw i was grabbing my own ass

I was talking with my boyfriend the other night and he made some comment that he’s married to the “top scientist of science”. And so that would obviously make me the other women. He was sick and on some sort of medicine, so I know he didn’t fully know what he was even saying, but now I have it in my head that I am competing with the top scientist of science for his attention. She’s not even a real person. Why am I thinking like this??

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A recap of every episode of Cake Boss ever

  • This is gonna be a huge project
  • Mom
  • Dirty ice
  • Fondant
  • Wow it’s all really coming together
  • This is gonna be awesome
  • Oh no how are we going to get it through the door
  • Awesome
  • My dad would be proud
  • What a great reaction