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I'm Jessica, a 22 year old computer science major. Things I love: Game Grumps, Achievement Hunter, video games, beards, and a few other things. Hope you enjoy my blog!

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5 months later and i’m still questioning the fact he used a fucking ice cream scoop and not a normal spoon






mark you doofimage

The answer is quite simple; I did not own a spoon.

Mark.. Please explain why you didn’t own a spoon. Aren’t you like at least semi-rich?

You have a treadmill and several types of recording equipment how can you not have a SPOON. What do you eat cereal with??

Wow, you guys missed out on a real gem, huh?



The thrilling finale.


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I am planning on attending Momo-con in May 2015 in Atlanta. I have only been to one con before and that was momocon 2013. I’m really shy but I figured this is a good way to branch out. I am planning on doing a lot of little 8x10” copic sketches for $10-$20 bucks. What do you think? I’ll be doing other stuff too, but these don’t take long.